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World Smarter

: Fully Customizable Smart Monitoring Platforms

  • Best-in-Class Deep Convolutional Learning AI Modules
  • Fully Autonomous Operation at the Edge
  • Remotely Upgradeable Redundant IoT Sensors
  • Applicability on Rotating & Flying Platforms
  • Optimized for Extremely Remote Locations

Reduction of Fire Damage & Loss of Life


Port Operation

Marine Traffic Flow

Infrastructure Monitoring/Inspection

Perimeter/Border Breach Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring

Flood Condition Monitoring

Shark Detection

Avalanche Monitoring

Landslide Monitoring

Search & Rescue

Maximization of Timber Value

Wildlife Conservation


Crop Yield

Livestock Control

Golf Course Health

Solar Panel Monitoring

Field Productivity

Contract Management


Hazardous Gas Detection

Air Quality Monitoring



Inventory Counting

Intelligent 24/7 Inspection & Monitoring

Noise Level Monitoring

Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring

Threat Identification

Threat Mitigation



Smart Waste Management

Leak Detection


  • Cost Savings

  • Presicion

  • Fully Autonomous

  • Expansive Coverage

  • Fully Comprehensive

  • Fully Compatible

  • Fully Accessible

  • Cyber Secure

  • Going from Periodic to 24/7 and Full Autonomy Produces Dramatic Efficiencies

Reduces Travel Costs, Particularly to Remote Locations

Optimizes Operational Decision-Making with 24/7 Data Feeds

Requires Less Security Cameras Due to Height of System

Reduces Inspection Costs with 24/7 Monitoring

Reduces Insurance Premiums with Improved Procedural Adherence

Reduces Fire Monitoring Costs with Automation

Reduces Fire Mitigation Costs with Early Detection

Improves Inventory Efficiency with Constant Monitoring

Reduces Theft of Assets

Cost-Effectively Improves Crop Yields

Improves Future Projects with Construction Time Lapse Functionality

Reduces Reliance on Periodic Drone Service

Whats others are


Ahmet Enis Cetin, Ph.D.

Research Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois-Chicago
Author: Methods and Techniques for Fire Detection: Signal, Image and Video Processing Perspectives

Volant’s deep convolutional AI fire detection software is, by far, the most precise forest fire detection solution we have come across in 25 years of research. It has the potential to save billions of dollars in losses and millions of lives, not to mention the positive impact on our environment.

Manuel Amigo

Director of Operations
Campo Forestal - Cambium

We have been evaluating fire detection solutions around the world and DeepRed has proven to be an outstanding tool. Not only does it detect fires accurately within minutes, but it provides precision agriculture and security on the same platform. For us, it represents three very effective solutions in one.

Carlos Velez Restrepo

Manager of Development & Innovation
EPM (Empresas Publicas de Medellín)

DeepRed has huge potential. Every time we show it to a new group of engineers, they come up with more ways we can leverage the platform to improve our operations across numerous applications. Accurate and timely information is critical in our industry, and typically challenging in remote environments. DeepRed provides 24/7 streams of data and video that we hadn’t imagined previously. It is a game changer.

Luis Guillermo Jaramillo

APOPA Colombia

In Colombia, we have vast remote areas to protect. DeepRed enables best-in-class solutions for our most challenging locations without overexuberant pricing. It is one of the most impressive uses of artificial intelligence that I have seen to-date in the Security industry.

Juan Diego Beleño Henao

General Electric - Grid Solutions

DeepRed clearly represents the future of plant construction and the ongoing monitoring of them. Just the one platform provides constant views and data streams for a variety of plant stakeholders that are critical to increasing efficiency. It is pleasantly surprising how much you can save when you find the right solution.

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